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Win the adidas x Dragon Ball Z
full set!
Win the adidas x Dragon Ball Z
full set!
How to win
The story

Graffitishop gives you the opportunity to win the adidas x Dragon Ball Z full collection with a simple Instagram Giveaway. Leave a comment on the official post to win all the eight sneakers!

The story
Son Goku

The Son Goku’s character draws inspiration from the Buddhist monk of “Journey to the West”, a classic of Chinese literature. Sun Wukong, the protagonist, has an extendible magic staff, rides a golden flying nimbus and shows a monkey’s tail. Remind you of anyone?


By leading his brutal army of mercenaries, Frieza invades planets and slaughters the population to resell them to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, this funny guy ends up killing himself while fighting against Goku on Namek.


Designed by Dr. Gero, Cell is an evil artificial life form which absorbs other creatures to raise his power. Mission accomplished? Well… first he blows up on King Kai’s planet while trying to destroy the earth, then he comes back to life but gets killed by Gohan.

Son Gohan

Son of Goku and Chi-Chi, our little Gohan avoids battles and prefers eating lots of salmon Onigiri with his father. He’s even-tempered and likes reading despite having an insane power. Trust us, you don’t want see him angry...


The “Saiyan Prince” Vegeta carries the name of his home planet, later destroyed by Frieza along with all the inhabitants. Snooty and touchy, he befriends Goku and achieves everyone’s secret fantasy when he marries Bulma and start families with her.

Majin Buu

Set free by Babidi the wizard, Majin Buu looks like a chubby pink-painted monster who loves killing people by turning them into candies. After being defeated by a supersize Genkidama, he make friends with Mr. Satan and his puppy, moves into his house and helps Saiyans protect the earth.

Shenron & Super Shenron

It’s the wish-granting dragon summoned when all the seven balls are gathered. It could revive the dead (basically Crillin), rebuild planets and… summon panties. Its golden counterpart, Super Shenron, is the size of a galaxy and it must be spoken to in the language of gods.

How to win
Follow @graffitishop
Drop a like on our official post
Leave a comment with your size and tag 3 friends

The Giveaway ends on the 4th of February at 1PM.

The winner will be announced via Instagram on the 4th of February at 7PM.

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