Zig Japanese Brushes

The traditional Japanese writing, dubbed ShoDo, is deeply rooted in the Zen Buddhist culture. This artistic and moral discipline requires long studies, a tenacious practice and a deep dedication towards meditation and the discovery of the inner self. In the Rising Sun it’s considered the basis for painting and for calligraphy - that’s why brushes and paintbrushes are as important as the discipline itself.Zig is one of the most respected brands as the Japanese brand manufactures brushes that embody the features required by the masters of this ancient writing. The Menso Brush is made of fine Kolinski hair and looks perfect for Sumi techniques, while the Zig Wahitsu Brush si amde up of goat and horse hair and perfectly fits every calligraphy need. And again: the Zig offering also taps a particular Zig Kumadori Brush, that you can use in pairs for better results, just like old Japanese arts suggest. Complete your setup with a Zig Sumi Ink or a Grog Aqua Pro Paint to let your soul rise to the ultimate inspiration.

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