Zig Fude Pen

The Fude Pen, which stands for “brush marker” in Japanese, is a widespread tool for drawing comics and other artworks, especially in the Far East. It’s often used by manga artists for quick black inking, like those provided by the Chuji No.22. Unlike the calligraphy nibs, the Fude Pen simplifies the artist’s work as it doesn’t need to be continuously dipped in the inkwell. Moreover, our Fude Pens look perfect for working on Brush Lettering.Thanks to a wide variety of tips and different inks, you’ve got endless options for your work. Whether you’re about traditional calligraphic habits - for which the Mannen Mouhitsu “Takujo” No.8 is the ultimate tool, try yourself - or rather focused on new creative styles, the Fude Pens from Kuretake Zig still remain the most logical choice.
Zig Brush Pen No.22

Brush Pen No.22

Calligraphy markers

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