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Yeezy Boost 700

The sneaker game has a new queen since adidas and Kanye West unveil the new Yeezy Boost 700. The shoe features an upper composed of gray and black suede overlays, rounded off by premium leather with blue mesh panels, a reflective heel and multicolor details. The Boost™ midsole provides for comfort and cushioning.

Available sizes:

36, 36-2/3, 37-1/3, 38, 38-2/3, 39-1/3, 40, 40-2/3, 41-1/3, 42, 42-2/3, 43-1/3, 44, 44-2/3, 45-1/3, 46, 46-2/3, 47-1/3

Unisex Sizing (Size Guide)


€ 300

Join the raffle
In-Store Raffle

For you chance to get a pair Yeezy Boost 700, you must stop by Spectrum Store (Milan, via Felice Casati 29) and sign up to our in-store raffle. Entries open from Tuesday 23/10 to Friday 26/10, no later than 13:00.


It's only allowed one entry per person. To join the raffle you must display:

- A valid Italian ID (no other documents allowed).
- Your shoe size.
- Your phone number.
You will receive a personal registration number, valid on the raffle day.
The draw will take place in store, Friday 26/10 starting from 15:00.
We will publish the winning numbers online on this page, in store and on our official Instagram account @spectrumstore starting from 16:00.
(update) Raffle Winners
XW3K, N5KN, 2W76, R7N9, 62X8, 219N, 8W28, A3WR, KX34, 3W9N, N7X6, 9NN7, N182, K3MX, 8XW6, 2A61, 488R, 67X3, R2M3, WAN8, R1W1, 76RW, 9KWA, MM7M, 7M7R, R33K, 457K, 6381, 5X57, X53M, M967, R47A, 2A74, 8471, X12X, 91XM, 2527, N88A, 1X18, 7ARM, NK11, A36R, 7A64, 6KA7, 7XRA, WWWK, 48A9, 7766, M477, 9R3K, 4RA7, 6RN9, 2K53, 5X9N, 89XN, 6M8N, 8NW3, ANX7, W9N2, NN19, XM95, 8A91, M8N5, 8M88, W21N, 9689, R9XX, A685, NR65, 3R69, 2M4R, N9NX, 762W, W92M, 4N2K, 65W8, W54A, 2M46, A2KK, 737X, 912W, X48M, 534X, 3562, NW4A, R32M, 31X9, XR5X, MNX5, 8WNR, RRK8, 7W63, 4213, N293, M756, 1W59, 3AN8, 62N3, XX9R, 235X, X6KN, A44K, 8291, X145, K532, N7W1, 589M, W8N2, MWA8, XN11, 9684, 2264, 7XM5
Winners will be able to purchase their size of Yeezy Boost 700 by simply showing the winning number and the ID card on Saturday 27/10 by 16:00. No delegations allowed.
The uncollected pairs will be put on sale starting from 16:01. First come, first served.
Release Online
Saturday 27/10/2018 (0:00)
- Yeezy 500 will be shipped only in Italy - Foreign orders will be cancelled.
- One pair per customer.
- You can pay either with credit card or by cash in hand at the moment of delivery.

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