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Whole Car Poetry Ed. Italiana

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Whole Car Poetry is a very special project, or rather, let's say that it is undoubtedly a unique work of its kind. It tells (through images) the unbridled passion for wholecars of a writer very well known in the Italian scene of graffiti on trains, Hepo. The title of the book makes one think of poetry but perhaps it would be more representative to imagine these texts as a rap text without music, given the themes, the words and the world to which these lines are addressed. At a first glance this parallelism might seem far-fetched but it is instead of fundamental importance to be able to enjoy the writer in question. Among the writers that accompany Hepo in some of the photos of the many wholecar and wholetrain published we find Ciak, Humen, Hekto and others. The photos, needless to say, are really beautiful. From the texts you can recognize an uncommon talent. Intro signed by Trota and Danno of Colle der Fomento. A beautiful book at a very honest price. Recommended! Measures: 28x17.5 cm

  • Pages: 100
  • Language: Italiano
  • Release year: 2010
  • Produced in: Italia

Wholetrain Press Whole Car Poetry Ed. Italiana
Wholetrain Press - Whole Car Poetry Ed. Italiana
€ 15,70

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