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In 1972 Andrea Nelli was in New York and saw the first tags and pieces on the walls and subway cars. Names like Big-O 116, Evil Erf 14, Super Kool 223 and Coco 144, just to name a few. Coco 144 will be one of the writers who will guide Andrea Nelli, who does not miss the opportunity to take hundreds of photos, which have remained unpublished until now. Books on graffiti writing had not yet been published in the world (the first seems to have been 'The Faith of Graffiti', in 1974) and this pushed Andrea Nelli to investigate this phenomenon further. Back in Italy, the writings of the author became his graduation thesis and were later published, accompanied by about fifty images, by a small publishing house that soon went bankrupt and therefore could not take care of a complete distribution. So the book Graffiti in New York of 1978 (which is still one of the first books in the world on graffiti) is almost unpublished, even in this new edition edited by Andrea Caputo (author of All City Writers) that contains more than 100 photos (about 50 more than in the first edition) that immortalize the graffiti in the earliest years of their existence. From an editorial point of view, Graffiti in New York is presented in an impeccable way: hand-bound in a totally artisanal way by a small Roman laboratory, the book contains on the cover and back cover the original images of the volume, framed in the typical canvas of university theses. A book not to be missed, to be read and kept. Sizes: 17× 25 cm

  • Pages: 190
  • Language: Italiano
  • Release year: 2012
  • Produced in: Italia

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