Tagging markers

Enclosed in this page you’ll find all the markers to become a street king. Graffitishop.net did its best to select the most performing markers to write on any surface you can think of, for all tastes and styles. Do you like juicy, oozing and round tags? Then your choice will fall on the infamous Grog Squeezer 10 FMP, the most imitated marker in the graffiti world.If, on the other hand, you are a fan of solid paint tags, Sakura Solid Markers and Hand Mixed are the right choice. If you are a traditional writing style lover, you can instead go for a 15 mm Montana Street Paint Marker, a stylish Krink K 75, or a pocket-sized Grog Cutter 08 XFP. Whether they are filled with ink, paint or dye is entirely up to you: here you are spoiled for choice.

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