Sweet Sktbs x Helly Hansen

SWEET SKTBS is an outlandish brand that interprets the streetwear world in its own way, with more than 20 years of experience featuring collabs with popular brands, designers and artists: on the other hand, Helly Hansen could easily be considered the leading brand of outdoor clothing, used to facing up extreme weather conditions and intense rainfalls. Two souls, one collection: the SWEET SKTBS x Helly Hansen sums up elements from both these two brands, creating a line that coincides with the 140th anniversary of HH. SWEET SKTBS founder Per Ryvall put in place an ambitious project with an exclusive distribution process, a North-European connection that combines outerwear sensations and skating vibes. The main products are all those heritage puffy jackets, hoodies and anoraks that look like just come out of a fresh nineties party: bright color contrast, zipped polos, striped crewnecks and a load of accessories for a collection straddling between vintage influences and nowadays tendencies.Despite two opposite backgrounds, Helly Hansen and SWEET SKTBS share Scandinavian origins - endurance, efficiency and versatility are three strong clues. All the Helly Hansen jackets down here spotlight signature HH features - like padded collars, waterproof shells and removable hoodies - along with loud details and a colorful overall branding: logo tees, coordinated duffel bags and winter parkas are the other highlights of this flawless collection. Finish off your outfit balancing oversize fit stuff with retro gears and add a zest of fashion to your day: discover now all the products!

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