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Banlieue Mon Amour
Discover the look
Playground Love
Discover the look
Concrete Journey
Discover the look
Discover the looks
Watch the video
Discover the looks
'Cause it's your world.

The city in Summertime, soaked in concrete, empty of noises, full of passions.
Live it with us, discover the looks:

Watch the video
Banlieue Mon Amour
Playground Love
Concrete Journey
Banlieue Mon Amour
Discover the look
Playground Love
Discover the look
Concrete Journey
Discover the look
Banlieue Mon Amour
Breaking the rules in style.
Concrete smell

Daring and brazen, the city look defies any match. No rules, freestyle all over.

Under the spot light

If you are looking for a stylish way of showing off your Air Max, here you are: Jogger are the sneakers' best loved pants.


There's no fun in sticking to the rules. With Octopus changes the game and show you do not compromise with style.

Classic & Basic

Sometimes you just need something simple to finish up your look. A Carhartt fleece is what you need if you want to hit home.

Street colors

The strength of color wrapping up Adidas sneakers and Iuter original patterns create that mixture that really smashes, at first sight.

>A painting to wear

When you wear a T-shirt you are choosing where you stand. Thousands of mashups to spread a message around the city.

Hot in the city

When the heat beats down, do your best to face it, cover your head with a bucket and shoulders to the wind, with a tank top. So you are sure to be the right person at the right time

Playground Love
The match you mustn't lose.
Fly high

When you pop into the city with your friends, the right pair of Jordan is what you need to fly high, while staying grounded

A long lasting tradition

Wear the history of sportswear. Champion is the must for the most authentic players. The streets knows.

Killer Combo

NBA T-shirt, shorts and a pair of Air Force 1, anything else is a bore. Any excess goes straight into your Eastpak rucksack.


Don't you miss your date with Komono watches. The authentic touch you always look for.

Stay cool at the school

At school, at work, a Herschel backpack is a must. You can store your Mac and whatever you need for the day.

Down with the King

If you are wearing your Adidas Superstar, you must be the king of the road. Since the Old-School times these sneakers have marked the border between what's cool and what's boringly normal.

I love this game

Colors and contrasts, graphics and numbers, pick your team and go oversize. Over skin or T-shirt, tank tops are a must in your Summer outfits.

Concrete Journey
Looking for the perfect spot.
Ready to bite the ground?

The most authentic Vans sneakers, in the new seasonal colors, perfect to match an Obey T-shirt featuring unique graphics: your distinctive mark.

Warm up your heart

Passion is everything in life. Thrasher is the history of skateboarding. Thousands of stories, passions, challenges and successes in a single logo.

Politically Incorrect

Show your substance, you only have to choose the right Doomsday T-shirt and slightly disrespectful snapback hat, you can't do without when the sun beats down.

Time for a change

With the best design and material, Nixon watches are the right accessory… so you'll never be left behind.

Be in the know at all times!

Even in the heaviest contexts, backpack on your shoulders, Huf socks on your feet, there is nothing you can miss.

A detailed look

Your eyes want to be treated kindly. The newest look of Nike Sb sunglasses cannot fall through the cracks.

Video credits
Directed by: Gianluca Miotto
Produced by: Zelda Diana Andreoli
Soundtrack by: Dj 2P
Lookbook credits
Photo by: Michela Morselli
Style by: Trffx
Assistants: Luca Strano, Toni Brugnoli
Models: Nathan Boisdur, Camilla Boniardi
Produced by: Zelda Diana Andreoli
A project by Pluss
© 2016 Pluss Srl