There's only one company that can boasts the firs pair ever of blue jeans: we're in 1873 and Levi Strauss has just crafted the first Levi's 501 Original adding a bunch of rivets to work-pants willing to make them more durable and resistant. This brilliant New Yorker of German origin spent his entire life working on denim cloth along with Jacob Davis, improving their starting model by adding the traditional arcuate stitching and the Levi's signature Red Tab on the back of each pair. After founder's passing in 1902 the label didn't stop its dizzying rise churning out commercial successes and remaining focused on a careful textures research to find brand-new details to improve comfort and endurance. Levi's 511 and 521 were born following the classic structure of five-pocket jeans: straight leg pants featuring a regular cut on the hips and button closures for a one of a kind fit. Born as practical and efficient workwwear garments, Levi's bottoms have slightly become style icons as well as blank canvas to customize at will: in particular Levi's 501 have legitimized Levi's jeans as pop culture's symbols embodying that '60s and '70s rebellious spirit with ambassadors like James Dean and Marlon Brando. There are many different models ranging from vintage pants to skinny jeans, nowadays made of elastic textures to maintain their classic stiff structure. Stone washed pants, instead, are jeans undergoing a long-lasting washing process - from pumice stones' treatments to nowadays chemical dyes - to get a faded and bleached outcome. As this method was spreading all over the world, jeans pants achieved insane goals and celebrated their entrance into the fashion world intending to reproduce work-pants' wear patterns in less time: this technique is used to making denim much more washed-out and wrinkled and also to softening the rigid cloth of raw jeans. Finish off your outfit picking a plain white tee paired with a jeans jacket for a timeless street look or just take a look at our Levi's sweatshirts and T-shirts selection: a countless number of items displaying the classic central Levi's logo to meet everyone's tastes - white on red as always, you can't go wrong. If you're looking for new ripped jeans to beef your pants choice up or for high-waisted pants you've come to the right place: go for your favorite pair and wear it right now!
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