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  • Huf Plantlife Socks

    Huf Plantlife Socks

  • Huf Plantlife Socks

    Huf Plantlife Socks

Huf Plantlife Socks

Discover an entire world of accessories for every day on Graffitishop, including sunglasses, trendy watches and capable backpacks; however, there's an article that we can't never do without for our daily need, that are socks. They are a crucial detail, not the most visible one but able to give different shades at the same outfit, bringing color and energy: add a personal touch to your style with the classic HUF socks, ideal to bring a zest of dynamism into your everyday style, but perfect for a casual look too, especially if combined with sneakers and a printed tee. HUF is dedicated to the skating clothing, specialized in the production of men's socks, padded and thick at the right point to supply comfort and protection: try the famous socks with marijuana leaves, available in many colors and different versions - as irreverent and funny to become the symbol of the historical clothing skate company. Pair the witty HUF Plantlife socks with a pair of ripped jeans and a hoodie, you'll get the much coveted fine skater style that is breaking the fashion system!
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