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Grog Lifestyle

Photo: Federico Laddaga, still life: Pluss Photo Team. ©Pluss 2020



2020 has been hard on everyone but as usual we walk step by step with the scene and this time even a little further. To get closer to our homies and keep them constantly updated with the hottest news from the graffiti world, Grog have created its first zine on paper: writers & writer-etters, we are proud to present Grog Lifestyle! If on one side we have a scenario that is repeating over the years becoming iconic and global, on the other side we find Grog Lifestyle and its purpose to blur those too well-defined borders built all around a subculture that is instead on a continuous change, together with social dynamics and forms of expression that have always been bound to it, such as photography. Images have the power to capture our attention, to hypnotise and amaze the audience, with the power to completely immerse us in a certain context.

Genoa, Milan, Bologna and Turin are the focus for the first issue: 4 capitals of Italian writing described with no filters or restrictions by 4 different photographers, usually involved in this world both for attitude and for passion, through the lens of a disposable camera and its much loved/hated unpredictable final result. Do not simply expect classic portraits of writers in action, we know that the scene is much more and supported by a range of stories lived in our everyday life which are finally explored through analog shots of the most farcical situations, from the gnarly tattoos made at 3.00 am, to those few beers at the parking lot or a romantic pizza in the yard with your bro and all the oddest memories that a bunch of friends would like to remember forever.

This is a niche production that has been created to give word to a phenomena that is still poorly explored and to find the newest realities hidden in the scene. Grog Lifestyle is intended to become a must-have for all the underground lovers as much into the past as well as in the contemporary scene. In a limited edition of 300 copies, this 60-page release to see first-hand is closely related to the – as well limited – Grog Lifestyle T-shirt that embodies the essence of the project through the printed graphic on the front of two representative shots from the first edition, combined with the concept’s words written by Pietro Rivasi. This ultra-limited 150-piece hot drop is available exclusively in combo with the zine. To please everyone, including those who will not be able to catch the deal on time, Grog is up to its old tricks…or we better say a new one: a brand-new version of the iconic logo T-shirt, this time the casual style is popping out through a tone-on-tone for the black and the white variant. Both available online  and – since we are talking about first times – for the first time, also at Spectrum’s!

Grog Lifestyle

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