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Graffiti: The best tools to unleash your creativity

Nowadays graffiti is a social, worldwide spread phenomenon. Such culture, i.e. graffiti writing, was born between the late 70s and the early 80s, although since the Stone Age human beings have always tried to leave a trace of their passage or their presence. Likewise, in the United States the first writers communicated names of their own, of their neighborhood or their crew. Techniques, graffiti materials and mural supplies have changed a lot since then and at GRAFFITISHOP we're proud to actively contribute to the spread of the Graffiti and aerosol-art urban culture: we deliver the best graffiti materials in the world, both in Italy and abroad. In the Graffiti section of our website you'll find everything you need to create a work of urban art from scratch: from materials for sheet sketches to sprays for your final on-wall realization. For over ten years GRAFFITISHOP staff have selected the best tools and materials for anyone who wants to try their hand at making graffiti, a piece, a mural. Thanks to the materials selected by our team, anyone can experiment with different techniques, developing their own styles and evolving their skills to actively contribute to the spread and development of the graffiti phenomenon. Our Graffiti section organizes products into categories, so that you can easily find what you're looking for. The first category is dedicated to graffiti sprays, writers' basic tools. Here you'll find the best spray can brands on the market. The second is dedicated to markers and felt tips, necessary tools to write your tag, i.e. your signature, your own personal trademark. In this section you'll find acrylic-based, ink or enamel markers, and much more: these pages also display markers for drafts and sketches, as well as the best suited felt tips to decorate or create custom works. A further section is dedicated to spray caps, i.e. your can nozzles. You can choose the best suited to your style among our many cap types: from thin skinny caps to bigger and more powerful fat caps. Our Combo pack section includes kits assembled by our team in which you'll find sprays, markers, sketchbooks and other assorted materials to ensure further savings on large purchases. Protections shouldn't be underestimated either: tools such as masks, overalls and gloves are absolutely necessary when spray painting. Visit our Fine Arts section as well: you'll find everything you need to create fantastic works of art, canvases, sketches and above all sprays and water-based cans, perfect tools for mixed-media works and indoor use. Discover the best graffiti products on the market. On GRAFFITISHOP pages you can find the most famous spray and graffiti accessory brands worldwide: don't miss out on our latest products!
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