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Spectrum Store Milan

Spectrum Store Milan

Spectrum Store

Spectrum is the benchmark for street culture in Milan and across Italy; it provides, in just one space, an exclusive selection of streetwear and sneakers, besides a book-corner rich with books, magazines and fanzines, with a special focus on Graffiti writing and Street Art.

The huge range of permanently stocked spray paints, and the wide gamut of hundreds of markers, inks and writing tools of the best brands make Spectrum one of the best stocked graffiti shops in Europe.

You find Spectrum Store in Milan, via Felice Casati 29, not far from the Central Station, in the area between Porta Venezia and Corso Buenos Aires.

Address and Opening times How to get there More about Spectrum Contact Spectrum F.A.Q.

More about Spectrum

The Colors Wall™

We stock the complete spectrum of Montana 94 and Montana Hardcore, a wide choice of Belton Premium, Nitro 2G and all Montana special sizes. You can also find Molotow Action, Flame and Alien. Spectrum is the paradise for bombers and stylers.

Marker Specialists

At Spectrum's you can find the right marker for every use, from the thinnest to the largest tip, in all possible colors, fully stocked. You can choose from Grog, Molotow, Montana, On the Run, Krink, Junobo, Sub Ink, Nero D'Inferno, Uni Posca, Touch, Sharpie, Zig, Sakura and many others. Our offer is ever increasing.

Tons of Style

At Spectrum's we host the clothing and accessory brands that best fit the world of street life as well as of Graffiti artists, setting the style for the future, thanks to our offer of special editions and exclusive cooperations. We offer the best from Rebel 8, Obey, Stussy, Nike, Vans, Adidas, Sixpack, 10 Deep, The North Face, Iuter, Addict, Urbanears, Native, Only, Spektre, Oakley, New Era, Upper Playground, Wesc, Lobster, The Seventh Letter, Alife, Freshjive.

The Book Corner

The book corner at Spectrum's provides a bird's-eye vision of the world of writing and street art, including photography and graphic design. The very essence of world urban culture finds its place in our corner thanks to a wide choice that includes both independent fanzines and pop magazines, and the most exclusive books.

Spectrum's Blog

Coolest stuff, fresh products updates and all about Spectrum's world, on the blog: Spectrum's Blog

How Spectrum's born?

Spectrum is the synthesis of an intense research and selection activity, the result of the 10-year experience of Graffitishop. If you are interested in the building process, step by step, do not miss our work in progress gallery:

Address and opening times


Via Felice Casati, 29
20124 Milano

Opening times

from Monday to Friday: 12:00 to 7:30 PM (no break)
Saturday: 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM (no break)
Sunday: Closed

Email and phone

+39 0267071408
info [at]


How to get there

Spectrum Store is in Milan, via Felice Casati, 29. You can easly reach by car, bike or public transport.

Spectrum on Google Maps Spectrum on Google Maps

Can I drive directly to Spectrum's?

Spectrum is NOT in the Ecopass area, so NO TICKET has to be paid.

How to get there by subway

Spectrum can be easily reached with the three Milanese subway lines: choose the one you prefer and follow the map to get there from the nearest station.

  • About 700 mt.
  • About 600 mt.
  • About 300 mt.

How to get there by Train

Spectrum is very close to the Central Station (Stazione Centrale FS).

  • About 600 mt.

Frequetly asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Are Spectrum and Graffitishop one and the same thing?

They belong in the same family, but they are two distinct things. Spectrum is a shop, Graffitishop is an e-commerce. You can walk into Spectrum, look at the products with your own eyes and be advised in your shopping, while with Graffitishop you can order from any european country and easily receive your products directly at your home address.

Do Spectrum and Graffitishop have the same products and the same prices?

Spectrum sells almost all the products offered on Graffitishop but the availability and the stock are different. Also the prices of some products can be different, and no "pack" is available at the shop.

Are Graffitishop promotions offered at Spectrum's as well?

Each promotion has its own rationale, therefore not all the Graffitishop promotions are offered at Spectrum's.

Can I put my order on Graffitishop and pick up my products at Spectrum's?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

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